Welcome to my website


Matthieu Caruel


September 2, 2023


Welcome to the inaugural post of my newly established website.

This site’s content has been crafted utilizing Quarto, a complimentary tool that acts as a pandoc wrapper, facilitating the conversion of markdown files into various formats such as printable books, websites, blogs, or presentations. Quarto is exceptionally suited for academic websites, offering the capability to integrate executable code directly within web pages, enhancing their functionality and interactivity.

Quarto also provides an array of deployment options, enhancing its adaptability. For the creation and maintenance of this website, I opted to utilize Netlify. Netlify stands out by enabling automatic website updates with each commit pushed to my GitHub repository, fostering a seamless workflow for managing a static website. This approach ensures that the website is effortlessly kept current and reflective of the most recent developments and updates.

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